We welcome you to consign with us.  We feel that consignment is a partnership and you are a valued part of of our business.

What do we accept?

We accept spring from February through June.  We accept fall/winter July through December.  We accept clothing through sizes 14.  We accept shoes through size 7.  Although we are always excited to accept boutique and brands name, we will be open to accepting anything that is in excellent condition.  Please bring the freshly laundered items in tubs or boxes.  Please do not bring anything in garbage bags, it severely wrinkles the clothing sometimes beyond repair.

What do we not accept?

As we see what sells and what does not sell well, we have tweaked the list of items that we no longer accept. Here is a list of items  we will not be able to take:

* Bibs
* Onesies
* Pajamas (we do take sleepers up to 6 months)
* Bathrobes & slippers
* Turtlenecks
* Thin terry cloth sleepers
* Crib bedding
* Home décor items
* Books
* Toys
* Baby Equipment

CPSC has made new guidelines that indicate these additional items that we may not sell: Garments with long drawstring at waist or neck, clothes with rhinestones with metal backing touching the skin. Inexpensive children’s jewelry. These things may contain lead. Soon all new garments will come with a manufacturer’s tag noting “lead free”. This will solve most of these problems.

What being a consigner means to you…
When you bring in your gently used items, we will sign you up as a consigner and you will receive a 50% commission of the selling price.  We will enter your items into the computer, price and tag them for you.  The prices will generally be set at 1/4 – 1/2 of the “new” price of the item.  You will receive a receipt for the items you left with us with directions to access our online database to view your item’s status and your account balance once your items have been entered and on the selling floor!

Consignment Agreement

Welcome! We’re pleased that you want to become a part of our shop.  Here’s how it works:

1.  When you bring your items in, we will select what our customers will buy.  Sometimes there will be items we cannot sell.  Please understand that our customer’s preferences must be our selection guidelines.

2.  We base prices on supply and demand.  We will get the best possible prices for you.

3.  You will receive half of the selling price.  Stop in for any money owed you any time.  We mail checks the 1st of the month for any amount over $25, just in case you haven’t been in (there is a $1 charge for this service).  You may use the money posted to your account towards in-store purchases at any time.

4.  We will display your items for 60 days. The selling price will be reduced by 10% after the first 3 weeks, and by 20% at the 6-week point.

5.  If you would like to retrieve any unsold items please do so by the 60th day or by the final season pickup date, whichever comes first, all unsold items must be picked up or they will become the property of Village Wardrobe.  Due to the volume of consignors and clothing it will be the consignor’s responsibility to pull and pick up any unsold items.

6.  We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.

We look forward to a long and mutually profitable association with you.  After all, we couldn’t do it without you!


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